Sunday 30 September 2020
Surrey Cryptics Pinks v Surrey Cryptics Blacks
Toss by negotiation
SCCC Pinks 236 for 9 (40 overs)
SCCC Blacks 150 ao (32.3 overs)
SCCC Pinks won by 86 runs

Grinders Snr and Junior write:

With 7 debutants (aka potential recruits), one first appearance in eight years, one second appearance in 15 years and a sprinkling of the usuals, a second intra-club game took place at the delights of Long Ditton Rec. Thanks to Will Hicks securing the venue, though sadly no facilities. For clarity, among Hick’s recruits were brothers Ben, Jonny and Will Wright – first case of triplets, PAJA? – all no relation to Pippa and son Will, or previous Cryptic brothers Ben and Jonny Wright. Common names eh?

Crytpic Blacks v Cryptic Pinks

A most enjoyable afternoon ensued in front of enthusiastic WAGS, resulting in 16 Cryptic best performances and one Cryptic worst.

The Pinks were inserted (ooh-er Matron!) and once the square had been located Pippa and Jimmy G made a sound start against Hicks Junior and Wright Junior on what turned out to be a slow and generally low pitch.

After Jimmy got a good’un his dad made it look a lot harder, especially his playing of a slow bouncer from Wright J. Having swayed back, he then panicked thinking the ball might actually land on the stumps and in trying to right himself, ended up toppling backwards as the ball looped past him. Dusting himself off three balls later he had forgotten how slow it was and spooned it to cover to be caught by his elder son.

Keith joined Pippa, the former also finding time to fall flat on his back. They survived a testing spell from young Alexander Hogben who was extremely unfortunate not to pick up a wicket before Wright P was bowled by Wright J.

The returning Seb was informed by the departing Pippa that it was full and straight and was informed again two balls later, but this time when Seb was back near the locked hutch. This did allow the in-form man Seeckts T to stride out and make it look far too easy again. He and Keith added 70 runs before both perished looking to start the final acceleration. After last week’s heroics Hugh was given more time to recover and placed down at number 8, where he batted like a number 8; the first of two wickets for Hicks Junior.

The Pinks youthful tail made hay with Tom Leonard clubbing a very entertaining 37 including 3 sixes on debut and Freddie finishing on 29*. The Wright brothers shared four wickets whilst Nick Moss completed our new friends from the north’s (Muswell Hill, the north? – Ed) five-fer with help of a sharp stumping from the lesser spotted Pup who added vocal colour in his first game under the BoJo admisitration.

PAJA, returning to his scoring duties, somehow recorded himself as the opening bowler for the Pinks, when it was in fact son Nick who opened up. Tom Brunning, the fourth member of Lord Wandsworth’s 2019 alumni, shared the new ball and bowled an impressive opening spelling. He nipped one back to beat Hoggers defence, to ensure he joins the select band of Crypos who have more wickets than runs! This brought Wright J to the wicket. He played a big shot every ball, including one that went straight up in the air a long way. Ten Pinks shouted ‘Hugh’s!’ (sounded like ‘whose?’ from the boundary – Ed), but the ice on the ball obviously made it too slippy. Two balls later Jonny ran himself out.

Ten overs of rather sensible cricket followed (very UnCryptic-like) as the talented pair of Ben Wright and Nick Moss added 44 to take the Blacks half way to their target after 24 overs.

Whereupon the wheels fell off.

Nick got a brute of a delivery from Tom L, who secured his lad-of-the-match award with two further wickets. Toby accounted for Ben Wright for an excellent 44, before Jimmy G mopped up the tail with 3 wickets including his brother and the skipper, both the result of filthy shots and excellent catches by Seb.

The Cryptic worst record, for the record, was a total of 83 extras conceded, but in our defence it was a combined innings total! The wicketkeepers’ bye-off resulted in a 19-19 draw.

Grinders receiving the SATS awardWith the game being contested for Hannah Seeckts’ best SATs cup 2010, skipper Grinders gratefully received his first reward for SATs results in 23 years of teaching.

Congrats to Hugh who, post match, was awarded his pink and black blazer, whereupon discussions turned to how we should try it all again.

Jingle Bells (for the Pinks anyway)