There are two awards in the Surrey Cryptics Cricket Club – the Trophy and Pink & Black striped Thai silk jackets (for Cryptic ‘Legends’).

The Trophy has roots in the 1980s but has only been regularly awarded at annual club Dinners since the mid 1990s. It is awarded by the captain to his chosen ‘Man of the Year’ who is not necessarily the player of the year, in recognition of  commitment, contribution, achievement or a combination of the above. It helps not to have won it previously. Needless to say, there are no rules as such, but convention has it that: 1. You have to attend the Dinner to have a chance of winning it and 2. The skipper can not award it to himself despite, given the administrative workload of the job, invariably being the most deserving.

Pink & Black Jackets were introduced in 2007 when a behind the scenes conspiracy led to the procurement from Bangkok of one jacket for Richard Seeckts as thanks for his first stint as skipper 1996-2006. Feeling somewhat exposed as the only man wearing such a garish garment on tours and at Dinners, and appreciating that others too had made enormous contributions to the Cryptics, four more jackets were awarded in the years that followed.

Supply was then interrupted by the demise of our man in Bangkok, but restored in 2017 after a chance meeting at a Chennai Test Match opened a new Thai tailor’s door. The threshold to qualification for a jacket may have been lowered but the inclusiveness of promoting more Cryptics to ‘Legend’ status has been welcomed by all.

The Trophy Winners

1990  Mark McLoughlin
1991 No award
1992 Philip Wright
1993 Simon O’Sullivan
1994 Maybe Greg Andrell
1995 Richard Atkinson
1996 Nigel Dunnett
1997 Greg Andrell
1998 John Banks
1999 Rod Edwards
2000 James Brooke-Webb
2001 James MacDonald
2002 Ross Greenwood
2003 Paul Goss
2004 David Grindrod
2005 Dwight Cupit
2006 Philip Wright
2007 Peter Andrew
2008 Tom Ware
2009 Richard Seeckts
2010 James Hogben
2011 Philip Wright
2012 Rod Edwards
2013 Gavin Cooper
2014 James Scott
2015 Chris Windeatt
2016 Keith Taylor
2017 Richard Seeckts
2018 James Scott
2019 Richard Seeckts
2020 Hugh Greenway
2021 David Grindrod
2022 TBA

Cryptic ‘Legend’ Jackets

Richard Seeckts
Jimmy Greenhough
Philip Wright
Richard Atkinson
Peter Andrew
Rod Edwards
Paul Goss
David Grindrod
Dwight Cupit
James Hogben
Tommy Hope-Dunbar
Mark McLoughlin
James Scott
Tom Ware
Greg Andrell
Paul Bridges
Hugh Greenway
Stu Henniker-Smith
Keith Taylor
Toby Seeckts
Scottie - Man of the Year 2019 Dinner

Scottie – the only man to be awarded both on the same night – Annual Dinner 2019

(Trophy for 2018 season and Jacket at Dinner in 2019)