Daddy Grinders raising the flat at Ripley 2023Sunday 11th June 2023

SCCC 246 for 6 (35 overs)
Ripley 201 all out (35 overs)
SCCC won by 45 runs
35 over match
SCCC won the toss

Hugh writes:

The sun always shines in Ripley; at least it seems to when the Cryptics come to visit. This year was no exception and the game began with additional heat as Ripley’s Southern Hemisphere contingent chuntered about Daddy G running the pink and black up their flagpole [and no, that is not a euphemism]. Teeth were bared and shoulders squared. Although if there has ever been a cricketer less piratical than Daddy G, I’d like to meet them. The tension was immediately dispelled by Ripley’s opening bowler conceding 20 runs from his first two overs, most of them in extras. It’s hard to grimace when you’re giggling.

Seeckts pére et fils opened for the Cryptics, even managing to hit the odd ball when it was bowled near them. Richard fell to an outstanding catch in the gully after chasing another wide. Keith watched Toby accumulate for a bit and only tried to run him out once. He spanked a couple of boundaries before missing a straight one bringing Pup to the crease with the score at 63 for 2. These two embarked [geddit] on a glorious 66 run partnership with Pup’s calls so loud they could be heard in Kent. It also gave the middle order time to sink a few soothing pints. It being a hot day, the scorebook mostly dealt in singles and boundaries, the hungover Ripley fielders perhaps contributing to the tally of the latter. Toby fell for 58 to a sharp catch at the wicket bringing new signing Roland to the fray. Pup was caught at point for 54. Hugs didn’t get a duck although Roland tried hard to add a diamond one to his collection. Scotty biffed a quick 22 before missing a straight one and Jimmy G spanked a beautiful 6 off his hip from the last ball of the innings. Overall Cryptics were happy with 246 for 6 and a glorious tea was had by all.

Tea at Ripley 2023Bridges opened the bowling and learned, perhaps a little late in life, that more Sunday wickets are taken by batsmen missing than by bowlers beating the bat. A relief nonetheless, as his long run is a thing of the past and 4 for 39 was a generous return for his efforts. ‘Fruit Machine Stu’ would have had more had the office been at work but Grinders snaffled a steepling top edge to give him 1 for 40. Puppy had a great day at the wicket. Despite having scored half a century in the heat of the day, he skipped and frolicked, caught three and stumped one, although special mention to Stu for keeping Pup’s byes flatteringly low on 6. In stark comparison Roland, having scored 43 with the bat, was… less dynamic in the field. His exertions seemingly limited to pointing at the ball as it flew past off the bat of Ripley’s fluent Aussie, although he did stop one that hit him on the foot.

Daddy G was carted about a bit more than others although Jimmy G earned himself a fan club in the pavilion for his unstinting labour on the boundary to mitigate the damage. A Grinders’ slow……est ball, disguised as artfully as Inspector Clueso, snaffled one and his gurning googly grabbed another. Scotty captured Ripley’s top scorer Braydon for 78 with a Sunday LBW, which tells you just how plumb the dismissal was. Ed and Toby seized a wicket each. Overall the game was probably won on the boundary rope, where even Devon Loch escaped injury. Well done the younger Cryptics, especially Jimmy G. Jingle Bells!


Stats Footnote: Tom Ware became the 10th Cryptic to pass 2000 runs, a mere 26 years and two weeks after his debut.

Toby and Puppy at Ripley 2023
SCCC at Ripley 2023