Sunday 30 July 2023

SCCC 34-3 (9 overs)
Match abandoned due to rain
40 over match
SCCC won the toss

Richard Seeckts writes:

On the day that persistent afternoon rain was widely forecast to take the Oval Test into a fifth day – the advocates of four day Tests have gone strangely quiet lately – no-one was surprised that Blackheath, 35 miles from the Oval, got a drenching too. 

Great efforts to raise a side meant we had nine present at the start, new man Tom Hughes still travelling from Wales for the ultimate fresh air debut insofar as he never got on the field, and Paul Bridges scheduled to arrive late but wisely not bothering at all. Toby’s decision at the toss was therefore easy, his chosen batting order more reflective of events and opportunities in recent games than batting merit.

Blackheath boasted a squad (mostly) of teenagers prompting the observation that you know you are old when the opponents’ parents look young. The Cryptic batting order was over 50’s on the odd numbers, under 25’s at even numbers. Thus No’s 1,3 and 5 amassed five runs for 2 wickets while No’s 2 and 4 were 21 for one when the rain came. A small sample size, perhaps, but a sign of the times and, more encouragingly, it bodes well for the future of the Cryptics.

Hugh scrambled two from the second ball then largely stood at the non-striker’s end until being bowled in the fifth over. By then, Tom Leonard had plundered 13 (31% courtesy of four overthrows) and nicked one to the ‘keeper. Three balls later, Seeckts Snr did the same, at first nonplussed by total silence from the fielders but cheerfully toddling off having asked if one of them was going to appeal. Ricky the duck finally escapes London for the shires.

Rolly joined Toby, the pair adding nine in increasingly heavy rain. Rolly now has his own battle with statistics, with 17 runs and no dismissals since investing the gross price of a Cryptic tour in kit. He’s already down to about £30 a run.

Archie Sidwell, Pup and Ed did some umpiring and Daddy G took care of the scorebook. There, mentioned them all.

We stayed to enjoy Blackheath’s customary excellent tea and, perhaps for the first time ever, a selection meeting for the rest of the season as men in their twenties begin to enjoy the flavour of life in pink and black. 

Ye Gods! Someone will be ordering club bucket hats next…….