Sunday 4 July 2021
Holybourne 84-4  (21 overs)
Match abandoned due to rain
40 over match
Holybourne won the toss

Richard Seeckts writes:

Great efforts were made to make this game happen. Our hosts are short of groundsmen and players these days but prepared two pitches for the weekend and persuaded 10 Saturday players to turn out again on Sunday. Even without the enticing prospect of Ma Milner’s fabulous tea this year, raising a Cryptic side was easy until Dwight complicated things by talking his way into the side on Thursday, only to cry off on Friday upon learning that the 10th birthday his son was attending was, in fact, his own party. Surprising, given that the boy was born in February. When two Grindrods turned up in his stead, we ended up with 12, so James cheerfully took up the challenge of scoring better than injured elder brother Ed in our previous outing.

Rain was about, but by no means was the day forecast to be written off. Marcus Ruffell made his first appearance of the summer and offered to take the gloves on a ground notoriously difficult for ‘keepers, much to the relief of Hugh whose extensive knowledge includes appreciation of dentists’ fees.

Chas and Dave, Huntingford and Grindrod, had to open the attack on merit, doubtless in hope that Holybourne would send out rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit…..etc., not least because Chas had been on a hat-trick since Claygate last September. Far from it, they opened with South African Andrew Hall (not this one thankfully) and Jonny Maddock, the most accomplished of the family on the day whose 35 included some high class shots prompting genuine appreciation from the fielding side.

The families Hall and Maddock made up Holybourne’s top five, Grinders accounting for both Halls, father to a catch from Scottie whose fielding was otherwise baffllingly awful, and son to one of those rockets that arrived long after the shot was played. Father Maddock looked threatening until Chas, complete with Freddie Mercury moustache and swinging the ball both ways, snuck one through his gate.

The Maddock brothers added 42 until Jonny was outwitted by 123 combined years of experience, ct Seeckts, b Andrew which, although unlucky, is not quite as unlikely as being ct Andrew, b Seeckts. Groundsman and one time Cryptic Pat Garlick then joined Toby, the junior Maddock, in a fruitful partnership as the rain set in, the ball got soaked and the bowling friendly as ‘fifth bowler’ overs were used up. With his mother watching from the car, Will Orr even came in off his long run, limbs in all directions like the once unselectable Steven Finn and sent down some snorters, which may be used again in future.

It was a quiet day in the field for Pippa, Keith, Hugh and Toby and, when the rain relented, our hosts were understandably keen to protect a wet square from further damage, so there was no chance for Pippa to pass on Ricky the duck or Hugh to score his 1000th Cryptic run. At least we had put a few quid over the bar by the time of the abandonment.