Sunday 14th May 2023

Wandering Ducks 131 (25.3 overs)
SCCC 121 (30.1 overs)
Wandering Ducks won by 10 runs
35 over match
SCCC won the toss

Ricky’s Step dad, Daddy Grinders, reports: 

After a wet week a new venue was found for our second meeting with the Ducks. Thanks to Gossy and his counterpart for their efforts in ensuring a game could go ahead.

Grinders Snr and Gossy opened the bowling, both adding a couple of yards of pace compared to last week. Whether that was due to the cobwebs being blown off or the fact we were playing on a 20 yard Astro pitch I will let you decide. 

The long outfield grass should have made scoring difficult but the Ducks’ Baz-ball aerial approach got them off to a flier, primarily at Grinders expense. Grinders Jnr, skippering for the day, finally took pity on his old man sending him out into the literal pasture.

Fortunately all the other bowlers bowled nicely, especially Gossy who castled both openers and Witty with some nice in-duckers. Pup snapped a catch behind off what would have been a wide off Stu. Ed and Stu between them caught one and dropped one, but you will have to guess which did which. Keith swooped on a push into mid wicket and hurled the ball from 10 yards away at the bowlers end only for the ball to miss stumps after its third bounce!!

With wickets falling regularly the Ducks fortunately did not use all their overs and were limited to 131.

We set off in reply with one of the most unusual, even for us, opening partnerships. Sam Gibb didn’t fancy a bowl so was encouraged, or was that forced, to open. As he and Toby went out they discussed the rules on whose call it would be behind and in front of the wicket. Half way through the first over they repeated the conversation as both stood in the middle of the pitch working out if they should be running or not. Shortly after Sam was caught off a full toss no-ball but whilst admiring the shot nearly got himself run out instead. And to cap it all off, later in the over Sam beautifully pulled a ball behind square, only to tread all over his stumps. We need to encourage Sam to start bowling again!

A pair of Seeckts’ took up the run chase. Despite both trying to hit the ball as hard as they could, ignoring the the aerial route meant a lot of singles ensued.

Seeckts Senior outlasted Toby, Pup and Ed to top score with 25. Hugh strolled out to join Keith(19) and started making batting look easy. So Keith ran him out (alternative versions of the event are available). Grinders went aerial, or would have done if he had hit it. Stu soon perished and we were left with Gossy and IceWarrior Witt, last men standing and 27 still needed. One run was missed as Witty, trained to walk over miles of Arctic icecap, couldn’t keep his feet on a bone dry astro. 17 came off the 12 ball 30th over gave us hope before the Ducks’ keeper snapped up a third good catch behind in kit borrowed from us to leave us 10 short. 

So we went to the pub to lick our wounds and Ricky went home to nest at Chez Grinders once more.