Sunday 25 July 2021
SCCC 171-8 (30 overs)
Crondall 118-9 (30 overs)
30 over match due to weather
SCCC won by 53 runs
SCCC won the toss

Keith Taylor writes:

Another one of those 2021 summer Sundays when torrential rain is forecast part way through the afternoon. Should we, shouldn’t we? Will it, won’t it? The ten committed Cryptics turned up, whilst Scottie decided to stay at home and build an ark for his granny (apparently).

A 30 over game was agreed (no mention of the hundred here!), and Cryptics won the toss and decided to bat. Richard decided to open along with Toby as it was the only way he could find to keep close to the boy to ask why he never comes home. 

Tidy bowling from both Crondall openers meant steady progress to 61 from 12, when Richard departed for 18 (Toby had farmed the strike apparently). Jimmy G made 11 before offering an easy catch to cover. Keith came and went for one; his main contribution of the day being chauffer for the top scorer. Marcus punched a lively 35 including five 4s and a six, Freddie went for 4 – never get your pads in the way when Jimmy is umpire. Stu swung and missed a straight one (again). Chris Muldoon didn’t stay long. Grinders made a lively 17 and Alex 3 before being stumped. At the other end Toby had fallen to the local rule of “retire at 50” before coming back to protect his average in the last over when we ran out of batsmen..

Real cups of tea followed for the first time this year along with the start of the rain.

Stu and Alex opened the bowling and both had to be reminded that both batsmen (definitely not ‘batters’) were in fact right handed. Stu’s second over was much better thanks to the voluble support from his personal bowling coach. Alex claimed the first wicket when the opener, surprised by an off side ball, hit a rocket straight into Toby’s hands at cover; a lesson in catching that Stu should have heeded judging by the welt on his chest later in the afternoon. Far be it from the author to criticise running between the wickets, but the next one to fall was the result of an abysmal “yes, no, maybe, which end shall we run to?” episode and some cool fielding from Chris Muldoon.

Grinders (2 for 16) and Muldoon(3 for 20) then bowled tidy straight spells, Chris claiming an LBW and two bowled, and Grinders a stumping from Marcus. Freddie Guy bowled well for no reward, having fielded like Grinders at Ripley. By this time the steady drizzle had set in. Alex came back and lasted two balls before having to stop with a hurty shoulder. Not sure if the paparazzi camera man (his dad) pitchside got a pic of that. Drizzle then turned to drivel, as Seecktsy replaced the injured Alex to finish his over. When Seecktsy started his own spell, the Crondall scorer asked “is this the sub-bowler?” and we all realised that this is the description we have been looking for for so long. 

Stu then dismissed Crondall’s young Watson for a stylish 61; stylish that is except for the ugly reverse sweep that ended his innings. The drizzle continued and the game faded into a damp squib as Crondall played out the remaining overs to end on 118 for 9; 53 short of Cryptics total.

So, off to the Plume of Feathers for Toby’s jug courtesy of his kitman. (Actually, he bought it himself – Ed)

Jingle Bells.

NB re scorecard: Toby retired at 50 and returned in the final over per Crondall rules, remaining not out. PAJA advises that the opening partnership of 61 was the season’s best so far. Pip pip.